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8 Trends To Spice Up The Kitchen In 2019

By: Kyle Beauchemin

Photo Credit: Rustic Vegan

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Home improvement trends can become outdated rather quickly, however, this year seems to be to the contrary. Mixing technology of the future with those smooth sleek textures of the past, modern is still going to be the trend designers are shooting for, but how will the past and future be incorporated into these modern layouts? Think smart on presentation and open up that cooking space for preparation. Soft metal accents are leaving kitchens looking exquisite, along with open shelving options to display remarkable kitchenware. What is going to be the number one remodeling trend for the kitchen in 2019? Here are some trending topics straight from designers.

Islands and Peninsulas

Islands have been a vital part of the kitchen since they were first placed in homes, offering an incredible gathering place for family and friends. The addition of bar stools to this time-tested center piece allows for extra available seating. This is the perfect place to add those remarkable must have stools. The center of any room is where the action happens, it is a given why this design has lasted through the ages. Peninsulas are seated against a wall, offering three sides and freeing the room up a bit. The kitchen provides an opportunistic place to come together amongst the hectic lives of family members, frequently becoming the liveliest space in the house.

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Custom Pantries, Larders, and Storage

Think about the ideal setup for that custom-made kitchen space. Get away from everyday simplicity and go with bespoke storage. Place everything up exactly where it needs to be, a precise design and layout is a requirement for optimal personalization. From cooking momma to expert chef, placement is everything when it comes to operating a productive kitchen. Shelves, racks, and drawers with an endless number of arrangement combinations, just design it because someone can build it. Customization is a trend in and of itself, the kitchen is the ideal place to get started and a wonderful way to optimize kitchen functionality.


Benches and Banquettes

The all in one seating option for the kitchen. This is like having a sectional placed around the kitchen table, talk about comfort. Offering a spectacular touch and making that kitchen space multifunctional. Bench and banquette style seating offer the perfect place to read and drink coffee each morning. Conventional seating can also be offered in conjunction, creating a warming place for everyone to sit back and relax. Expect to see more of this seating arrangement in houses everywhere, it is all about options when it comes to kitchen guests. Explore all the styles out there and be creative, this trend is a for sure in the future.

Soft Metal Accents

Start thinking copper and brass, no wonder this trend is flowing so steady. These soft metals have a color comparable to rose gold and warm up any kitchen space. Sinks and faucets are one way to incorporate these old school metals into that modern update. Brighten the kitchen up with copper light fixtures; they are offered in various styles, which can be worked into almost any design. Trim work is also an option, along with that copper kettle. Quality trim will accent the rest of the kitchen quite nicely and showing off that copper cookware adds an intense old time feel.

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Full Slab Backsplash

Looks are just one of the positive aspects to single slabs, that constant flowing surface makes everything look sleek and smooth. Easy clean up adds that must have practicality for the modern kitchen space. It is quite painless to wipe down a single surface compared to the never-ending lines of grout between each tile. No matter if it’s marble, glass, wood, or metal that vast backsplash makes your kitchen appear larger, and a roomy cooking area is a must have for the future success of any at home chef. If looks and practicality are not enough, the simplicity of a continuous backsplash leaves the rest of the kitchen looking lavish.



When sustainability is a thought, the term eco-friendly also comes to mind. For those concerned with the environment, this year and beyond will continue to rise with options from flooring to cabinets as well as countertops. Kitchen countertops come in a variety of recycled materials, depending what choices are appealing, certain options show out even the most expensive surface. Flooring is often overlooked in the kitchen, but experienced designers know that flooring choice can make or break an entire remodel. Just remember, from the ground up is a true statement when designing the perfect kitchen. The green alternatives are honestly looking better than ever; the word new is a perfect representation of current recycled products on the market. 

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Open Shelving

Forget those standard cupboards, open that shelving up to present that beautiful dishware of the past. Think of all that kitchen cookware, hidden behind closed doors. This new modern design allows homeowners to showcase all those kitchen essentials; presenting guests a place to feast upon innovation, while awaiting a delicious meal in preparation. Get those items out that make the kitchen heat up, after all, good money was spent so sport it. No matter the material, design, or color scheme, this trend for 2019 is sure to persist far into the future. Just think how long those old cupboards have been around, stay relevant and add that forever touch.


Shrouded Range Hoods

There is nothing worse than an astounding kitchen with a plain old hood placed overhead. It makes a warming home kitchen seem industrialized, and not in a good way. Cover things up a bit and create an appealing new look, concealed vents offer a modern solution. It is also a great way to add some fresh style to your kitchen and present a stark design over those standard range hoods. Sure to be on the rise in popularity for years to come, everyone knows the eye sore industrial vents end up being when left uncovered.